Hi there, I am looking into buying a fender highway one strat from Andertons gutar shop which is near me. In my total guitar magazine from a couple of months ago, I saw that same guitar advertised for £500 on sale. They now have it on sale for £640. If I showed them that advert would they have to sell it to me for that. I am thinking they probably wouldn't but it is alot of money so I thought I might as well ask you guys to see.

Well it seems to me that their previous sale ended and they now have a new sale, so legally they're not obligated to sell it to you for 500 quid, though you could bring the advert and see if they'll reduce the price (a bit).
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If the catalogue is still valid, sure.
Otherwise just ask anyway.

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When I go in to music store I never expect to pay the list price. Although a £140 reduction is quite a bit. Try to pay in cash thall help, try to find another store/stires with lower prices so you can get them up against their competitors.
Another route to go down is free stuff, pay list price and get some pick, string cleaner, cloth, capo, tuner ect say £140's worth, well at cost to the store that's what? £80-90?
Be confident don't ask, could you take a few pounds out that for me, tell them 'I've seen that nearly £150 cheaper now what kind of deal can you do'

Hope that helps

probably not, if it's a limited time sale.

I mean maybe that was older stock bought at better prices.

I mean it won't hurt to ask, obviously, but expect them not to drop, kind of thing.
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