Ok well i live in india and here birch plywood isnt available so can you suggest me a wood which is equivalent or even better than birch for building a cab
Oak is nice, Maple is good and Mahogany plywood is amazing, but expensive.
Any type of X Plywood works where X=Species of wood. Just as long as it's the quality stuff, not pressboard or anything like that.
If you are going for the natural finish(No tolex or paint) I'd say Pine and Cedar are out along with anything of the same hardness.
Also remember to get the wood for the frame.
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frame?? do you mean the 4 wood blocks of 1 inch thickness glued inside cabs??
I will be making a comple mesa clone i will with the fake mesa nameplate so i will use torlex
also can you suggest me some handles and all other random accessories that are used for the finishing i have no idea about them
I don't know any stores in India, but in North America there is Parts Express and Antique Electronics Supply(tubesandmore.com) have good hardware.
..I was watching my death.
You can use Plywood, chipboard or MDF (medium density fibreboard). with plywood best down to MDF. Ply is light and strong. Chip (particleboard in the USA) is cheap sounds good but not so durable and it needs to be the right grade, dense and with smaller particles on the outside for easy finishing. MDF is actually the best sounding material but it is very heavy and getting it wet or even damp will ruin it.

Ply is great but it needs to be the right grade. Cheap ply is used on building sites for making moulds for concrete and is not really suitable. Look for ply made from hardwoods and which is void free. This means the best wood has been used for the plies and any knot holes have been filled. On the outside there will be either one or two good veneers of the best wood. You only need one god layer as you are only finishing the outside of the box, but you may have no choice. The only other thing that varies is the glue that holds the plies together. If you go for a marine grade ply or an exterior grade they will be waterproof and probably good quality throughout. I go for marine ply and don't worry about the rest.

Blue Aran are a good supplier in the UK and will probably ship hardware to you but a lot of it comes from India and China so is probably cheaper locally.