This is my guitar teachers band, I'm promoting them because I honestly think they are awesome.

This was in their bio section.

"Dead Man’s Crossing (formerly SoundEscape) was formed in North London in 2008 as a result of a drunken night out…Mitch Gasser and Andreas Neuner decided that forming a rock band and taking over the world was the way to go (ok, maybe just the rock band bit), so the hunt was on for the rest of the band. We added hard hitting drummer Jerry Sadowski and stumbled upon Colm Walsh whose fingers of fury on the mixing desk together with his dynamic vocals made him a dead set for the band. Last and by no means least we added our ace on the bass, Sean Brennan to complete our line up.
Life for all of us has always been about playing music, initially for the fun of it and to charm women, but with us all being from small towns and the ladies obviously not appreciating our ‘musical talent’ we all realized that our best shot was to move to London. Now here we are, relying on a rock band to pay the bills.

Since getting together we have made an impact on the London circuit playing at some of the city’s most popular live venues such as THE BARFLY, THE BULL AND GATE, THE UNDERWORLD and THE BORDERLINE.

We have recently had airplay on 30+ radio stations in the UK, America, Canada, Germany, Spain and Australia, such as ARfm, Head Case Radio, NAB Radio, Radio Positive and more.

Work on our debut album ‘escape’ started in 2009 and will be released on May 27th 2010 (album has already been released). It’s a collection of hard hitting, melodic, infectious tracks that eat you up, spit you out and leave you wanting more of the same. The rest of the year will see us (have been)gigging and promoting the album and putting together a European tour. The bands website will be on it’s way shortly with more detailed information about the band, photos, videos and so on and band merchandise will also be available soon as many of you have asked about t-shirts so watch this space!"

You can check out Dead man's crossing at these links




What do you think?
Quote by Kämpfer
This YOUR band?

As stated, no, I'm promoting them because they're good. The forum section is "Promote YOUR band". He asked me to do it too, so I did.
No offence, but it's a bit 'radio rock' for me.
I listened to Neon Lights and Escape (nice intro)
But overall it sounds like a more complex version of Nickelback.

So not bad by all means, recorded well and some great songs if your into that type of stuff.
They might do pretty well, who knows but it ain't my cup' o tea
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As stated, no, I'm promoting them because they're good. The forum section is "Promote YOUR band". He asked me to do it too, so I did.

Exactly, it's "Promote YOUR Band." If it's not YOUR band, then you're breaking the rules.

If your guitar teacher wants his band promoted here, then he or one of his bandmates needs to do it.