I was going to buy a Fender Blues Jr. but the guy I was going to buy it from sold it So I have nothing now...

I play Interpol, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand etc... A lot of post-2000 bands.
I would 99% play through my VS Route 66 OD pedal (but a good clean is always nice).


Budget : 400€ / 500$

PS: 15w would be good (tube, of course).
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Why does it have to be a tube amp? Tubes are fragile and need constant replacing.


Fender Blues Jr III/SuperChamp XD
Bugera V22
Vox AC15/Night Train
Egnater Tweaker/Rebel 20
Peavey Classic 30/Delta Blues
Jet City

not sure really - I'm not super familiar with those bands
also consider the laney vc series since you're in europe.

musicstore does a couple of own brand clones of some fender amps for a bit less- under the fame brand. I haven't tried them, though, so I'm not sure how good they are.
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