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I wake up at the morning feeling like P Diddy.
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when i wake up in the morning it takes me ages regardless of things like college. you?

same here. It's horrible lol.
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7 am usually. Need to be fresh so I go down stairs and have either a a sandwich or cereal.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
I get up, fall out of bed, drag a comb over my head, go downstairs and have a cup. Then I realize I'm late and need to catch the bus.
I usually sleep in as much as I can, except on Fridays. Then I wake up at 7:00 am and get myself a bowl and some cereal.
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I always feel horrible when I wake up. No air, my nose stuffed, dry/sore throat. It takes me at least half an hour to feel okay.
I have been awake since 9.00am and it's now 12.30 and I'm still in yeah not very well.
I usually grab the brush and put on a little make-up

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It used to take me a long time but then I realised that I was wasting a lot of money especially for Law School which cost me a lot of money - I really couldn't afford to miss seminars and small group sessions.
Since then, I've been working and it's just routine - you sleep at a moderate time and get up at a moderate time. Even if i'm feeling tired, I don't want to be fired so I get up quite quickly. I just don't think about it and get up straight away. I'm sure most people with jobs think like this.
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I wake up in slobbish kinda way
Once I have a shower I'm then generally awake and in a better mood
I'm definitely not a morning person. Takes me a while to wake up properly.
I have a routine of being bad at getting up.
I set my alarm 2 hours before I have to be somewhere.
When the alarm goes off, I get up out of bed, cross from my bed to my desk, on foot, awake, to snooze my alarm.
I then say, I should really stay awake, seeing I'm out of my bed and standing up.
I then say, **** that I've got ages, and get back into bed.
I fall back asleep for 9 minutes, when my alarm goes off again.
I repeat this until it is either 36 past, or 45 past, and I know I need to get up now to shower and get ready.

I then get up, turn my alarm off (Or forget and go "oh ****" when I get out of the shower) and head to the bathroom.
I then have the aformentioned shower, which usually takes about 25 minutes if the water does not go cold halfway through.

Then breakfast, which is cereal, unless I am out of milk, then toast, but I never have bread, so just go without and feel annoyed that I didn't get more milk when I needed to.

Then slouch around for whatever time I have left, and head off at around 45 past the hour.

Almost everything in my life is 15 minutes away, and I always arrive just on time.
Well, almost always, but if I'm late it is only by a couple of minutes.

Thats how well I get out of bed, take it as good or bad as you will.

Tl : Dr: I take a long time, but am fairly specific about it.

That edit again: Wow, my morning routine is almost as long as my sig

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I wake up at about 9am, fall asleep until 11am, stay awake until half 12 then drag my arse out of bed.
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Sometimes I can just pop right up the instant my alarm goes off.

Other times I snooze, and snooze, and snooze...
I tend to oversleep alot. Nearly got kicked out of school for missing to many lessons. Uncool.
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I tend to oversleep alot. Nearly got kicked out of school for missing to many lessons. Uncool.

Story of my life.
I love sleeping. If sleeping was a sport I would win.

I'm really bad at waking up. For school it isn't so bad since I take half an hour to get ready and go downstairs to my bus where I sleep for 45 minutes, then when I get to school I sleep in the library until the bell rings and by then I'm usually more awake. This is assuming I get to the bus on time, which is very rare.

But on days when waking up early is required but I don't want to be there, I sleep really well. I put my alarm clock inside a cupboard that I have to climb a chair to get to so I would wake up properly when I turned it off, but after a week of doing that I started doing it with my eyes closed and now I sleep through it while it wakes everyone else in the house up which means my dad usually wakes up, turns it off and then repeats my name a bunch of times until I wake up, which I don't. Or I wake up and go back to sleep immediately. Sometimes my mom wakes me up to tell me she's going out and she wants me to do something before she gets back so I just nod to whatever she says and go back to sleep, and when I finally do wake up I won't even remember that she talked to me earlier.

On days when I can sleep as late as I want, I sleep for 13 hours or more. I could probably sleep for 24 hours if I wanted to but I've never had enough time to try it, maybe I should.

I was going to say I'm not a morning person but then I realized it doesn't matter when I sleep, I'm always bitchy and stuff for about 3 hours after I wake up even if it's in the middle of the afternoon.
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I'm shit at waking up, i always set the alarm at least an hour earlier than when i need to so i can go though about 5 repetitions of wake, hit snooze then sleep.
As soon as I wake up I usually grab my glasses and I'm out the door ready to hit the city, but seriously I suck in the morning and mornings suck.
I dont have a job right now and I dont have class before 12 any day of the week. So usually by 11am I'm pretty well rested and still have time to get up slowly.

If I have to I can get up and be pretty alert quickly, but the only time I remember it being an issue is once when I forgot to put the garbage out on the street and my dad was angry about it at like 7am, so he came to my room and opened my door very loudly while I was in a deep sleep. He yelled at me for about a minute and had to ask me the same question like 5 times before I understood what he wanted. Then he yelled at me some more and I went back to sleep.

Good times.
It takes me a bit to react and fully wake up. Not to mention I always wake up with a boner. ....
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I usually wake up bright and early at 7am, have some cereal. Go to the bus stop, where I see my friends and kick it.
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i get up at 5:30 monday through friday. generally, i wake up immediately upon hearing my alarm. i'm actually quite a light sleeper.
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I get up and shout at the espresso machine to hurry up and work. Then I have 3ish espressos and leave the house.
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I hop up out the bed and turn my swag on, look in the mirror and i'm like wassup wassup wassup

Nah, I'm absolutely awful at getting out of bed. I usually wake up half an hour late every day the only time I actually manage to get up on time is when I have to go to work.
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The only thing that wakes me up is the Sun.

If I need to get up before 9,(I have a west-facing room) I set like a dozen phone alarms over a 15-minute gap, then I have the loudest and most annoying alarm clock ever, and I keep it all the way on the other end of the room, and that one goes off about 20 seconds after the last phone alarm goes off. I will sleep through the phone alarms until the clock goes off, then get up, turn the clock off, turn my phone alarm off, and be asleep again before I realize what I'm doing. I usually have somebody call me and scream at me until I am coherent, but sometimes that doesn't even work.
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If i feel motivated, like I have to get up and i get out of bed pretty easy.

During the school week, i do not feel the least bit motivated though so i lay in bed as long as possible. And on mornings like this where I'm hungover, i lay in bed as long as possible
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I usually get out of bed looking slightly dead and acting similarly.
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I'm pretty chill if I have time to dick around when I wake up. If I'm hungover and have an appointment to hurry to, steer clear of me, I'm going to be a dick.
If I am a tired f*ck and I fall asleep at school.. whenever someone wakes me I go into "Lord Of Hell" mode. Tis not pretty. But if I get a long rest and someone wakes me up I only spaz a little. And if I wake up by myself it's all good.
^^ Hahah, I'm just kidding.. or am I?

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I'm really good at getting up. Never hit the snooze button in my life. Though I feel like if I did, it'd be the end of me. The trick is just getting up and out of bed before you have time to think about it and tell yourself not to.
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well it's after 6pm now, and I'm still hunched in my covers at my desk.
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I can't get out of bed early unless I have an obligation to do something like work or a class. But seeing as I only have one 9am class and I don't work until May, I pretty much sleep in everyday. Though even if I wake up at noon, it's still only 8 hrs of sleep since I usually do to bed by 4am.
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