Sounds great!

Orion especially. :3
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
On the Enter Sandman cover:

Pretty neat, buuuut where's the lead guitar in the intro, with the wah and all?

Also when you go from the open E powerchord to the 7th fret on the 5th string, I'd slide it, sound prettier to me ;-)

And in the chorus I'm not too sure about what you did with Kirk's part (the palm muted stuff after the powerchords).

The lead guitar fills sound like improvised, which is pretty cool, but instead of the two small ones it's one biggie in your version. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just sayin'. Some people are going to be perfectionistic and hate it, others might love it.

The solo itself sounds quite refreshing, although this could just be to make up for mistakes or lack of knowlegde/technique, which would be bad, obviously.

The main complaint is just the volume gap when you switch from clean to distorted guitar and vice versa.

Overall: nice cover, could use some more detailed practicing, I guess. ;-)

What did you use?

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