Violet - Joseph Barrios and The Ne'er-Do-Wells

Recorded it with a friend's Epiphone Dot that has a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickup and a TV Jones pickup in the neck. One of the most unique pickup configurations that I've ever played through, but it has a great biting thick tone to it. Guitar goes straight into my Hot Rod Deville, SM57, into Firepod, into Cubase.

Vocals Recorded on a R0DE Nt1a, Enjoy!

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If Jimmy Page got a bit jazzy, I think the guitar playing would sound like this (quite good!). The vocals are good, but sometimes the singer is popping the mic. Either use a pop-guard or turn your head when singing words with a 'p'. I do hear some pitch correction taking place on the vocals. If you slow down the pitch correction speed, this might be less noticeable. Nice song & recording! Please review my music at this link:

Really nice track man!
The vocals gave a strong Maroon 5 feeling. If you put some drums and bass on it, it could fit in todays mainstream rock charts.
Really nice mix and playing!