I know this is discussed everywhere.
What to use to cut through for solo time.

I know an EQ in the loop with the mids turned up a bit adds a nice cut through in volume. (I have an MXR 6 band that works great this way)

But what I really want is a little more volume, sustain and distortion when I go into my solo.

Here is my set up;

I have a Blackstar HT 40 (great amp, by the way!!)
Boss DD3 and MXR 6-band in the loop
In front I have my wah, then tuner

So what do you all suggest for what I am looking for in a solo boost?

If you need a clean boost you can get the MXR Custom Audio Boost/line driver for almost $100, but it will only give you the volume boost (no extra gain/distortion)

If you need an OD (volume & gain boost), IMHO you can have a lot to choose from like the Fulltone OCD,Ibanez TS9,MXR Wylde OD, Maxon 808
I use an MXR micro amp in my fx loop, and works beautifully for a lead boost. If you crank it it'll give you distortion... but you wont get ANYWHERE near that to be a nice boost.. has so much gain on tap. And i think it does add a nice mid boost

But if you play on a half distorted amp, then maybe you can stick it infront of your amp and crank that bad boy and get the distortion and mid boost...
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