because I need to find one and every single one i've come across on youtube is mostly slipshod.
...theres this thing called the "Original" version.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

no way!
nah seriously just wanted to check how someone more skilled than me would play some sections but everyone makes up their own shit in that solo, and in live recordings the guitarist himself plays it differently than the studio version lol, but yah haven't found a decent cover yet to meet my needs, that's why i'm asking here if anybody knows one.
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Why do you need to know how someone else plays it? If you intend to play it yourself you'll remember it better and feel more natural if you figure out how to play it on your own.
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hmm just like some people want multiple opinions on something?
that's all. doesn't mean I'll be playing it like them, only means I want to see other approaches, since im not particulary feeling attached with any of the approaches i've tried myself I figured I'd just go with the most efficient one, or what I could perceive as the most efficient one opposed to what I'm doing lol. jut expanding mah view.
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Um, there were a lot. Have you not used Youtube before?
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