Alright to anyone who saw and enjoyed laughing at my thinline mod thread (Tele failure ), here's the next cycle in the GFS split humbucker saga.

I was determined to chuck this pickup into something to see what i thought and noticed my Jagmaster chillin in the corner. Some time, and an out of phase wiring fiasco later, I wound up with this:

I can upload some sound clips of the pickup if there is any interest. I've not compared it with any authentic Fender wide range humbuckers but I wanted something Fendery and humbucker and this thing seems fitting. For the record, these are 500k pots in the Jag and it sounds nice and clear. The bridge pickup is a Dream 90 from GFS as well and sounds fantastic. Overall, VERY happy with the combo. Thanks for looking
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Looks real nice dude. Nice to see you rescued the pickups from the thinline
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Looks real nice dude. Nice to see you rescued the pickups from the thinline

Haha, thanks! It would have been a waste of what I feel to be a pretty great pickup to just chuck it on the side.
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beautiful guitar, great pics! I bet it sounds rad.
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That middle picture is seductive.

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Thanks for all the kind words. I feel like its definitely my #1 guitar at the moment.
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