Upgrading my gear as the both aren't what im looking for tone-wise.

MIM Fender Strat: '09 model. Bit beat up, two chips to the wood on the sides of the body (both smaller than a pinky nail) and a few superficial bumps on the botom right side of the body from nuisance chairs. Main issue is the trem block under the bridge. The trem arm i got with the guitar was faulty and snapped in the cavity and the guy i took it too just drilled it out, shaving the thread in the block. Its a £10 fix but i havent got the time. £250 for it.

Vox 50 watt amp: Got it about a month ago and i think i've played it twice. it was an impulse buy as I desperately needed an upgrade from my spider but it just can't reach the tones I want. Does cleans and crunch perfectly but the metal's lacking. £200.

I'll sell them indivudually or together for those prices or trade them both for a Bugera 6262 head. Im in telford, west midlands and pick up would be preffered unless you can pay for P&P


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