what's goin on people.. just picked up a ibanez yesterday.. got some ernie balls slinky string's on it.. REALLY looking forward to playing electric.. just don't know where to start.. any dvd or online video input that i can get would be great. looking forward to growing with this thing and with the fourm. also , ive NEVER played.. at all.. lol so i still have my cherry LOL. i really need some help , just not looking to get flamed.. i'll be check in the fourm's for help , so do go easy on me!

thanx guy's.. every little bit count's.. just played smoke on the water from a lesson on here , but it's a start!
The beginner lesson posted by White Ibanez is a good place to start. You need to start with the basics and gradually work your way up. By basics, I mean names of the open notes, names of all the notes on the first three frets, open chords, strumming and some technique work.

I really wouldn't recommend the Lick Library. You need to figure out how to crawl, before you can run.

If you can afford a good instructor, I'd recommend taking lessons.
Thanx for the reply.. I agree and that's what I'm looking for.. look's like a instructor is within my future!