Does anybody know a website where i can get tracks for free that seperate into all the different instrument tracks when i put them in audacity?
No I mean like where i can get songs by popilar artists and then when i Put them in audacity it sepeartes into the drum track the bass track and guitar track and not just one large music track?
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Is that even possible?


Edit: Unless the original artist recorded the track in Audacity as a .aup file.
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there are some online but i don't know what you'd have to google

edit: google "multitracks" you might need to torrent them
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For some songs you can find the different recorded tracks (I've used the tracks from Assassin by Muse before). There are a lot of them out there, you just have to find them/ have the luck that they're around. Then you can just import the files into audacity
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