I just bought a Gibson Les Pul Jr, and it has a super dry fretboard. (if thats the right terminology)

does anyone have any recommend conditioners or something along those lines?
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lemon oil?
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Lemon or linseed oils work well. There are other potions called fretboard conditioners you can also buy. I bought a large bottle of lemon oil at the grocery store and in over 20 years have barely put a dent in it.

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Murphy's Oil soap will clean it up nicely (you can get it at the grocery store) rub it in well ...wipe it off.
Don't use to much - just enough to clean and brighten the wood grain. Then let it dry/soak in. After that a light rubbing with a lemon oil should be all it needs to bring out the grain and keep it almost new looking.

Stay away from the heavier oils/polishes as they can actually deaden or dull the sound and rob a bit of that sweet sustain.
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You shouldn't use spray on a neck. I used plain mineral oil on my fretboard.
Pledge should never go anywhere near a guitar.
Second apply any oil sparingly, do not soak the board and rub off any excess right away. The fingerboard should not look wet or shiny. The wood was dried for a reason and over oiling can prevent the wood from breathing properly.
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