1. You're
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3. The
4. Wrong
5. Forum
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Someone has had too much jager in their slushy. :/
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First person on UG to be a grammar nazi and use the correct form of "your" in the correct context.

+ 70 virgins to you, my good sir.

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Girls DO fap...I don't though.
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Can't say I've played enough guitars to come up with a opinion.

Baby, I'm Howlin' for You.
1. An assortment of brands mixed into a Custom Built Guitar
2. Ibanez
3. Fender
4. Gibson
5. Jackson
I'm so happy. I get to eat a muffin.
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You are so happy to eat a muffin it's kinda scary.
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Goes around tryina light dudes on fire.
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Too much Sublime.

I tell a lie, there is no such thing.