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I used that title to lure everyone in here. Ha.

But in all reality, I did my best to stray from the metalcore cookie cutter songs, I know their are generic moments, but if there weren't, it wouldn't be metalcore.

Beast of Kandahar.gp4

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Wow this is great man!
The drums are tight, the riffs are good. Harmonies ring well. Breakdown at 49 is cooool. The solo is good too, i really like it, its old school in a sense kinda reminds me of old maiden stuff. Although, WAY too many notes ringing out at the end lol.

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Im not a metalcore fan, and infact, I usually bash it.

But there are some good qualities in this piece, and some interesting musical themes. Ill set aside the metalcore for now, and say that it was a cool piece. But, I have some critiquing to do besides.

Intro Lead extends for FAR too long, and almost makes my left ear sore.

I think 32nd Note gallops at 110BPM would need some spastic arm movement for chugger, and 14 to 15NPS from a sudden stop might be a tad... Much.

Rythym, Chorus and verse segments had some nice melody, and I theres nothing that I can tear apart there, so those are solid. Key change was done well enough, and "The Beast Emerging" was a very cool musical part. Unfortunately, I imagined core vocals over it and it was almost ruined for me.

I don't see why the breakdown was needed, but I guess thats what makes it metalcore...
The tritone chugging reminded me of Suicide Silence, which isn't a good thing to me. To some maybe, but not I.

The solo was a much needed break, and was done very nicely. Very glad you used varying intervals for the harmonies rather than the straight Fourths/Fifths that some bands utilize, which alters the key. 91 to the end was done very well, and had a great sound to it.

Good piece, and I think I should say that I was lured in my your "Non-Generic" Claim.

C4C? Feel free to be brutal on it.
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Haha that title did lure me in
Well let's see what we have here. Intro lead is nice, chugging is fairly generic but it does the job.
The next riff with the chords is decent and the pedal riff is decent too but both of the should start with a push from the before. The next verse and the chorus are both nice too.
Right key change, I can see some generic progression coming up...
I was right! And a breakdown to boot, it's my lucky day! Tritones too! :P The off beat ride bell was a frankly hilarious touch, I loved it.
Really enjoy the solo, catchy stuff. And the chorus again. That last note is the most annoying note on earth, please fade it out?
Over all, it's a decent song and even the generic moments weren't too bad, apart from the breakdown after the key change, it seemed really unnecessary.
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