Hello, okay so it might be so un-metal to ask some of the following questions. but i need them answered.
1. I have an opening riff lets say(powerchords) E: 2-1-0-0-0--2-1-0-0-0-3-0-0-5-0-6. (dont have guitar with me atm so whatever) the riff and song start on the f# but the low E is very prevalant. what key is this in? the F# or the E?

2. I have chord progression. (power chord) E: 555-555-333-111-333(i ripped this off of a song). is this a total different key than the song? Whats the key for that? A?

3. Say i want to write an arpeggio-like melody over the power chord progression. where do i start?

and the next Thing im asking is probably alot but. if anyone out there with a good ear for music could disect this instrumental version of a nu? metal song. main things im looking for.


1. key of the song.( the tuning is b standard ,B to b)
2. does the chord progression relate to the opening riff musically? and if so how?
3. the medodic phrasing over the chord progressions starts at 0:54. do they relate to the CP or both opening riff and key of song overall. what makes it fit with the song basicly.
5. basicly if anyone out there could tell me the complete musical relation towards all the different parts THE WHOLE SHMEAR that would be great. i dont need to know theory behind solo at the moment. but if anyone knows great ill take it.

before anyone asks, yes I can play the song minus solo(atm). but i am just very interested in the writing process and how its done. Im self taught mostly. and always look up tabs and stuff but never really know why it makes sense or how it came together.
I'm still a theory noob but I'll do my best....

1) I'd say you're in F#, but it could really depend where you take it from there

2) It depends how you introduce the progression and what you do with it from there. It could still be in F# or you might temporarily modulate to A.

3) Look at how the notes you're playing relate to each other. You're playing F#, then hitting its major seventh, minor seventh, minor second, minor third, and major third. This is pretty chromatic so almost any arpeggio you probably already know will work here, just start it on F# and play around with a few options until something sounds good. Just a guess, but if you arpeggiate a F# minor seventh over it, itll probably sound interesting
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I will neglect the tuning... tired of thinking...

so think in standard tune...
The Arpeggio would be obvious often some triad of (fret 5) aminor gmajor fmajor.
but also amajor.

or even dminor (so..a phrygian)
that might fit your fret6....blues note...I tried it in the song but its to dark and struggles with the E note of the intro...

I will show what I mean. heavy to explain...in gp.

What the intro considers: The F sharp and F arent that relevant. The f less than the sharp.

The E also doesnt matter. But it makes the impression that its kinda rock, eminor plus blues note. you should find a kadenz for the riffs so it sounds resolved. Otherwise the contrast is to obvious....

If you head for e you should thinking of fis. but its often for a e phrygian stuff....

I would suggest as you can see in the gp. the use of e over the progression....

you could also try a scale change...