Huy guys,

Im just a bedroom guitarist who would do the odd uni gig here and there.

I don't know whether i should get a new amp or get Amplitube 3?

If I was to get a new amp I don't know which amp to get. I want to get a tube amp but I don't know what wattage I should be looking at.

I play mainly metal but trying to learn other types of music.

There's not too much of a budget but I don't want to get anything over than £700.

get an amp .
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£700 is more than enough for a good tube amp, go for one of them.

Although, as a fan of VSTs, I recommend to looking into Amplitube (or similar programs) in the future, I find it to be something that every practicing and recording guitarist should have. No easier way to find a new tone or do a quick demo recording.

Amp takes precedence, but that software is fun stuff. Just make sure whenever you go for the VSTs you invest in a good DI box, otherwise it will sound awful.
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There are plenty of excellent free VSTs you can use while saving up for amplitube. What's your current setup?
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yea i would say pick up the free vst's (like lepou's and the tube screamer one) and get a real amp.
If you are only a bedroom player.

Get the Baron Snott Watt along with Pod Farm and youll be all set.