and i wanna make my demo where it plays the instrumental part as well. one of the songs i was going to put on it was the Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden. So is ther something i can use where i can record my singing but keep the instrumental part of the song in and jsut take bruce's singing part out and put mine in. Kind of like karaoke where it plays the music but u sing so like this way when youd play the cd youd here The number of the beast with me singing but then iron maiden playing
There's no way to do that with the original unless you have the original project file and mute the vocals then render. Which I highly doubt you do.

Just google "Number of the Beast" instrumental, put that in your DAW and sing over it.
Search "Number of the Beast backing track" or "No vocals" on youtube. That should work. If not, pick a different song. There's a Run to the Hills with no vocals, that I know
^ What that link doesn't mention is that you basically lose *anything* in the center. You'll lose a lot of bass guitar, kick, and maybe even snare also. That technique is certainly a case of YMMV.

I haven't looked for that particular track (hats off to ya, though, if you can actually sing that...), but the selection of karaoke/instrumental tracks on iTunes is really quite surprising. I'd start there.

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