Hey UG!

I need some help with finding pedals.

The amp I am playing through is a VOX AC15cc1, and my guitar is a PRS Mira.

I'd probably spend less than 150 per pedal, though I'm willing to stretch it a bit

Okay, so here is what I'm after:
-a DELAY pedal - I would mostly be using the delay for a small quiet echo when playing lead riffs. Also will be used as a very quiet delay when picking. The ones I've been looking at are the MXR Carbon Copy and the BOSS DD-3.
-an OVERDRIVE pedal - the type of OD I am looking for is a sound like Lincoln Brewster's (not sure if you've heard of him), which is a plexi type OD. I will probably use the pedals on my amps clean channel, so when I want clean, I just turn the OD off. Some pedals I have seen so far are: Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Ibanez Tubescreamer (of course), Xotic BB Preamp MB, Wampler Plexi-Drive, BOSS Blues Driver, BOSS OD-3, etc.
-a VOLUME pedal - Don't care as much about the brands here, just tell me you're favorite. I've seen the Ernie Ball Volume and Visual Volume.
-TUNER - for a tuner I am pretty set on a BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner, please tell me if there are better ones.

There you go. The one I am most concerned with is the Overdrive. The genre I play is rock, if you want to here the sound I want, listen to some Jon Steingards demo of the PRS Semi-Hollow on YouTube. Or listen to some Lincoln Brewster. They have quite different sounds, but they are both tones that I like very much.

Please tell me your opinion on the best Delay, Overdrive, Volume, and Tuner that would suit my style. I would like the ones I suggested, but I am open to new suggestions.

Thanks a head of time.

Ekko 616 > CC

BB Pre if you don't want the mid hump of a TS-9

Tuners all tune, people will tell you some are better than others, but I've never has issues with my TU-2.
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Well, I could also recommend you to check out T.C. Electronics Polytune and Korg Pitchblack for a tuner pedal. Some say Polytune is the best, some say Pitchblack is the best and some say that the Boss TU-2 is the best. I have tried the Pitchblack and Polytune, I'd say that to my ear they both are really accurate.
As for the overdrive, Boss Blues Driver is really smooth. It can give you even more than just overdrive, if you need that. I haven't heard BB Pre in use, but I've heard it's good. Also, Ibanez Tubescreamers can handle many genres (blues, rock, hard rock and even heavy metal), so they're really good pedals. Also, you might want to check out the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff. A local blues/blues-rock guitarist said that it's the best pedal he has got on his pedalboard.
I am not experienced with delay pedals at all so I can't recommend any really..
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A FD2 is just a modified SD-1 (both awesome pedals), which is just a tubescreamer circuit with a different clipping style. Neither will get you Plexi overdrive.

I'd be looking at distortion boxes in the vein of the MI Audio Crunchbox, or Wampler Plextortion.
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Or the DLS.
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Thanks for you're input so far!


So do you recommend an analog delay over digital?
Oh, and sorry? what is the DLS? I've never heard of it.... or altleast the abbreviation.


Thanks for your help. I'll check out the Big Muff. Does the Pitchblack have a mute feature in it? I thought I heard it didn't. For delay I for sure need the mute feature.

Bubb tubbs,

Thanks! So do you like Wampler's Plextorion better than the Plexidrive?
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I'm a big fan of the tape/analog sound, but it depends on what kind of stuff you wanna use it for. That said, if you decide you like the analog sound more, the Ekko is far superior to the CC.

The DLS is the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret. I had one, it was great, you should get it.
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Thanks again mcraddict!

I also just found another overdrive/dist (not sure which one) :
Fulltone OCD

What do you guys think of this?
My favorite volume pedal would have to be the Morley Volume Plus. It has a "minimum volume" knob which, once activated, sets the volume of your signal when it is rolled back all the way. So, rather than rolling back and getting silence, you can keep it rolled back with the Min Volume knob at about 1/3 and roll it forward for lead parts and such.

Very good and useful feature. The pedal is very good for volume swells. No strings or rubber bands, no pot to wear out.

After playing many overdrives, my favorite ended up being an MXR gt-od, it's kind of like a tubescreamer but with much more gain on tap, and it sounds pretty sweet honestly, very underrated pedal.

For the tuner, I am going to vouch against the tu-2, because the pitchblack is just as good (but has an actually good bypass) and is half the price. However, if you play a lot of gigs, the polytune is worth it, I'm actually considering one myself even though I love my planet waves tuner.

As for the delay, the dd3 is nice, didn't like the carbon copy, the ekko 616 is great, and my favorite in this range is the Carl Martin Red Repeat, it's digital but sounds between an analog and a digital delay, it really has its own sound, try it at least =)
my current delay is a Strymon El Capistan, and if you're into tape delays, it's the best pedal you can find, it's AMAZING =)

no real experience with volume pedals, I've seen a lot of people use the crybaby one and noone complained, but I don't think it's the best... I've always been recommended some Ernie Balls
Tuner: TU2 is good and there aren't any problems with it, Pitchblack is probably a little better for a bit more accuracy and true bypass, but not significantly.

Delay: If you only need a bit of echo and not tap tempo or other fancy features, I would definitely recommend an analogue delay over digital for the sound, which is much warmer and nicer to my ears. Good examples are the EHX Deluxe Memory Man, EHX Memory Boy, MXR Carbon Copy and the Malekko 616, though there are a lot more good delays out there.
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Delay- Digital would probably work best for what you want. TC Nova Repeater for a typical digital sound, Earthquaker Disaster Transport Jr. if you want something more analog and spacious.

OD- Catalinbread DLS or ZVex Distortron.

Volume- Ernie Ball or Morley. Morley is more durable and transparent, Ernie Ball will roll off some high end but doesn't require power.

Tuner- Sonic Research Turbo Tuner
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Thanks for all the help guys!

For Volume I think I'll go with the Ernie Ball.
Delay... I still need to decide between the MXR Carbon Copy and the BOSS DD-3
For the tuner - I'll have to check out the Pitchblack, you guys all speak very highly of it.
As for the Overdrive, the finalists are the BOSS BD-2, the Xotic BB Preamp, Fulltone OCD, and an Ibanez TS9.

Thanks again!
Get the OCD imo.

I was very happy with mine but I also had a JCM 800 2204 at the time and it was Marshallier.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.