Hi everybody

I am intending to buy a strat body and neck separately on ebay as it will cost much less than i expect that it should. I have it all picked out and everything.

However, i am unsure of if there is a way to tell what im buying.
How would i be able to tell from the guitar's body if it is a mexican strat, standard, american standard, etc.

Can anybody help me out?

hey, you can always tell by serial number, sometimes on the plate neck (contects neck to body) sometimes on the headstock, if you have the serial then post it and it will be easier

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ok, i messaged the dude who is selling the body. I asked him to provide the serial number like you suggested, as well as if he could prove that it is American. Thanks, I appreciate the help.
the seller just responded saying that the body is an import and as such is not mexican or american. What does he mean by import? Any ideas?
if its a cheap purchase, than it will not be an american fender body. It will be a no name brand body.

import would usually mean that the guitar is an import. If you honestly don't understand the word import, I direct you to google or a dictionary.