loving the bass :-)
a bit hard to hear the vocals though
try and get the singer to sustain his notes more though

good rhythm and energy though,

keep it up :-)
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cheers mate!
In our case the bassplayer is the only actual pro musician.
Us other players just keep trying to get the rhythm
I agree with the other guy. The rhythm & energy was pretty nice. The vocals are a bit unclear at some parts. Maybe you should get another dude to play guitar, and you could focus on singing. Or get another singer. Just a suggestion
Thanks for criticism,
I'll had to say to you same thing I'd sayd at other video that I know I'm not a singer but I try to learn but it's difficult because english isn't my mother language so I didn't learn to remember all those words so I had to read it from the paper while I tried to play ja keep my eyecontrol with the audience. But I promise, I will learn remember those words and then I can focus on singing right.

Recording was taken from our 3th gig so we still have much much to learn.

...and what become to Finnish accent, you know I'm from the promised land of the formula drivers so I can't speak or sing english without I remind little of kimi "iceman" räikkönen
thanks for your comment on my cover (:
i really really LOVED your cover (: , i love your band ! and ofcours this song is amazing !
well done, keep ulpoading vids, you are amazing !