I bought this guitar last night at Guitar Center out of random. They were having a sale and this guitar list for $579, and was being sold for $399 sticker tag. However, i was given the price of $284.95 if bought it the day of, with a Ibanez hardshell case for only $20. Can anyone tell me any info about the guitar? Looked online, can't really find anything. Also, with the discount i received, i'm starting to wonder if this is a good guitar or maybe just highly priced and then discounted back to sell. Anyone? Opinions?
ibanez doesn't list this guitar, but my guess is it's an artwood - that's the AW. it would be in this family of guitars. they're solid top, laminate back and sides.


i can't find a single listing for this model. are you sure you're reading it right?
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i'm sure. i checked it SOOO many times. That's why i am wondering as to why i can't find this. It's not even on the guitar center website. But they have it in stock @ my local gc.

However, it is ALMOST THE SAME AS http://www.ibanez.com/AcousticGuitars/model-AW3000CEWCNT

it has the body, tuners,and pick ups. However, my pick guard has a tortoise finish. The pearl design around the guitar is the same, but my frets are (in my opinion) 100 percent nicer. It has sort of a diamond design in to it. And the wood of the fret fades down REALLY nicely! like, EADGBe having E to have the darkest shade and the high e with the lightest shade. It's visible but not TOOO noticeable from afar.
Any chance of pictures?
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