hey guys, I'm coming here seeking wisdom on buying an amp/cab.

I need something I can use to gig/jam with in a rehearsal space, my budget for it right now would be around $1000CDN , but would be willing to save up a bit more and push it to 1500 for the right sound. So I'm primarily checking out second hand stuff, and I'm in atlantic canada (would be willing to drive pretty much anywhere in the area)

I've never owned a tube amp, so this is kind of getting my feet wet and going for the best tone I can find at the same time lol.. My guitar is a BC Rich Stealth (Chuck Schuldiner tribute), so you can guess I play a lot of Death, and that's mainly the kind of tone I think I need for my original stuff, very tight, with quick response. But aside from that ideally I need something that can swing some oldschool Megadeth too, my second love

not really concerned with clean tones that much.

so far browsing kijiji I've found a DSL100 with 1960 lead cab for 1000. From what I've read the JCM2000s aren't widely considered a very metal amp (I've checked out the info thread here backing that up), so I'm wondering if it may be worth it? I haven't found anything else near that kind of deal so if it can basically do what I want I'm going for it. Should I look for something else?

edit: one thing I should mention I guess is (again, only to the best of my knowledge, and experience) the pickup in my guitar is pretty damn hot, bites harder than the average pickup. The guitar itself also seems very responsive and tight in the low end, so that would definitely make a big difference in the tone from my amp right? I need an amp that really brings that character out
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according to wikipedia chuck used randall amps and a marshall valvestate with 1960 cabs, so yeh a dsl100 might work
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