so i just got a sunn concert lead from 1972 (ngd coming when i get a cab).
one of the wires to the reverb tank was sticking out the back, so i took the wood cover off to tape it down.

naturally, i took a look at the guts, and noticed that the ground wire of the power chord (which is a replacement), was cut. half is connected to a screw on the leg of the transformer (im assuming to ground it to the chassis) and the other end goes into the cable.

my question is, is this an issue? should i reattach it or let it be?

also, i noticed a wire to the power amp board was not attached. its a brown one all the way to the left on the back of the board, running from a rectangular white thing of mystery thats mounted on the back (im guessing its some sort of resistor because it says .27 ohm 10% on it.)
i can clearly see where it was connected, and im assuming it just loosened and fell off, but any info would be appreciated.

also the breaker is a "mel-rain' cbb 450, any info on it?

thanks in advance!

also any other info on this amp is appreciated, what sort of footswitches will work (will the fender rca kind work?) and how many watts (ive heard 100, 150, and 300, not sure which is correct) thanks!
Might have had a grounding problem in the past and they bodged it up. I would get it looked at though a wire just hanging around isn't ideal.
What a coinkydeenk right after my thread =P

But yeah I would get it checked out, with it being that old and all.
i havnt had a chance to try to turn it on, as i have no cabinet and dont want to turn it on without a load plugged in.
im pretty sure the original plug was only two prong, and the ground was definitely intentionally cut.
im going to reattach the power section joint that isnt attached and try the amp tomorrow at my relative's place.

it appears to have been serviced, theres a replaced resistor in the preamp, so either someone knew how to fix it or it was serviced.

ironic maiden- i saw it right after i posted this thread
i'd say get it checked out before messing around too much with it. since that had to be worth a nice chunk of change, it'd be a shame to blow the money you spent by blowing it out because you didn't get it checked.

i loveded you piggy... i loveded you!

i re soldered the connection today and tried it thru 1x15 peavey, 2x12 somethingorother, and 4x12 ampeg cabs, and it works and sounds awesome. the ground wire being cut wasnt an issue.

however, the distortion and reverb did not work, which i think will be remedied by getting a footswitch. any body know if it would be possible to just take a rca cable (footswitch jacks are rca) and wire an on off switch in between the ground and the positive wire? would this act as a footswitch?

also does anybody know how many watts this thing is?

when i played it thru the ampeg cab (wired for 16 ohms, 200 watts) and cranked the volume to maybe 7 or 8, there was speaker distortion, but not thru either of the other cabinets. (2x12 had 2x300 watt speakers in it) idk how many watts the 1x15 was