So Pit - a referendum is to be held in the UK on the 5th May as to whether to adopt the Alternative vote system of elections (AV) in favour of the current First Past The Post (FPTP) system.

AV - each candidate is listed on the ballot paper - you rank them in order of preference (1,2,3...) - if a candidate has >50% of the vote they win
- if no candidate has >50% the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and those who voted for them see their votes transferred to their second preference.
- This continues until one candidate has >50% of the vote

FPTP - each candidate is listed on the ballot paper - you put a cross next to the one you want - the person with the most votes wins whether or not they have >50% of the vote

So pit - what do you think?

INFO - voting rules and eligibility: http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/?
- this first post is intentionally neutral
- there shall be no poll
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Ohhhh. That's what the AV is... Everything I've read makes it sound like the most complicated thing in the world... Does it mean 50% per constituency for a seat or 50% nationwide vote and they just win?
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