Sup guys

decided to play some minecraft to pass some time,

i made a new world and as soon as i spawn, i see a massive tower, inside its filled with about 6 floors and a chest on each level, best of all there was a huge guy on the top floor?!?!

i have found about 4 up to now, all made out of the same stuff and all have the same massive man on the top that disappears if you get too close to him?

this is all very strange to me and i cant find anything out about it on google . .

anyone else have this or know what its about?

Minecraft thread, but we don't want this shit in there either soooo

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Yay, another Herobrine troll thread. Use the Minecraft Thread that's already on here.

not a troll, i legitimately dont understand whats happening haha, not been on minecraft for a few months :P