Hello all,

I have just bought an Agile AL-2000. I realized that out of the money I have to spend, I could either get a beginner amp OR get a Pod ____(not pocket) as a means of amplification. I'm just wondering what would be better to have. I have plans for a band, but the solution that I can think of for practices would be guitar--->pod---->speakers/monitors of some sort. Gigs, i would buy some kind of footswitch and go guitar---->pod---->PA. Budget would be $100-$200 at the very maximum. I live in Pittsburgh,PA, in case you wanna search Craigslist for good stuff.

Oh yeah, genres would be all ranges of rock, from pop punk, to classic to death metal.

Thanks in advance guys.

Personally I use one and it's really good, because you can have crystal clear clarity without forking out loads for a really good amp, obviously a real amp is going to sound better, but most of us can't afford it, so you can get a close approximation, I dunno what it's like at live gigs, but I'm sure someone else will be able to say something about that.
I would recommend either a vypyr 30 or a cube at that price point. I think you could run it direct into the club's PA if you ever get a band.

The disadvantage of a pod is that you have no amplification device. I don't think a pod xt is superior to a vypyr or cube in terms of sound anyway.
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With a max $200 budget you should be able to easily get a Pod XT Live and avoid having to buy a separate floorboard. $150 for a used XT Live is reasonable.
With that kind of budget it's tough to go with anything except something like a POD.

You get so much flexibility, including headphone practice, effects, and the ability to store presets.

Since you mentioned live playing, see if you can get a footswitch in there with the price. It's really important to be able to switch between clean and distorted, etc. Boss is another company that has been creating boxes in this category for a number of years.

So take a look at the ones that are actually built as footswitch models that you place on the floor. All-in-one footswitch/amp/effects devices.
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Pod Hd300?

Yeah the hd series are a good suggestion. They will put to shame any solid state modelers, and that includes the vypyr series. Its no comparison. The XTs also sound better than the vypyr series actually.