I used to play guitar left handed for a year and a half then when I wanted to upgrade to a new guitar I got turned off by the choices for a lefty and eventually stopped playing. A few months ago I picked it back up but right handed this time and I'm having a problem getting a distorted sound that I like. Right now I just have the guitar and amp that came in the "Rogue Rocketeer" package and a Digitech RP55 that someone gave me. I'm poor and currently saving every cent I get for the summer so I can't buy anything new.
There's only so much you can do with a starter amp like that to be honest. Bad tone is pretty much their trademark. However, cutting the treble and boosting the mids generally leads to a more favorable distortion sound. I'd probably use the Digitech's amp modeling instead as well.
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If you really want to get a good tone, you're going to need to get a good amp, and that requires shelling out some money, otherwise you are restricted with what you have
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I know, it blows but I'm stuck with it. I do have $500-700 to spend on a graduation present but I am torn between several choices, one being a guitar and amp I really liked at my local shop and another--being the more responsible choice since I am going into the automotive field--being more necessary tools.
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