sick i liked it, good work.
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I'm currently using Cubase 5 for any recording purposes.
I had been on another forum and someone was talking about not being able to find a rock version of the Chocobo theme. Someone else responded saying they did one and linked it.
It was pretty decent but I found yours and liked it a lot more.
I just didn't expect it to pop up on this site outa' nowhere.

Anyways, the overall mixing sounds pretty fair. The only thing I would really suggest is that the drums have a little more power in the mix. They're just a bit far back under everything. They're loud enough to keep the beat going but if they were brought up just a tad more then it might sound better.

Everything else is pretty much alright and the instruments all sound fine. Pretty good sounding lead guitar tones too. (I mention that because that's a pretty rare thing to hear on this site. xD)

The only thing it could use is some more length.
A lot of Final Fantasy tracks are rather short and I'm not saying necessarily to do what I did on one which was adding tons of my own things that weren't in the original at all - but you could probably extend it and add some different things.
If you don't want to break away from the original then you could focus on parts that don't have a melody to them. Use a similar progression but make it more rhythm-based by adding in like layers over the chords. Or maybe a break that just has the bass. And then build it back into the main melody that you recorded.
Just things like that could do it good.

Or one thing that a lot of the original themes do is after the melody plays through once, it drops out and the progression plays on its own for about a measure. The intro is like this too usually but it wouldn't be for yours since your intro is different.
like the progression you play at 0:06.
at 0:29, go back into that progression but like palm-mute the 5ths so it's a bit more calm and leave the melodies out of it. Doing that for about a measure is the most natural sounding time but it could go on longer if you did some different stuff with it.
then build back into playing the main melody again.
You could even pull this off without re-recording anything. As long as your DAW has a good grid.

Maybe harmonizing the main melody later on would be a good idea too.
Thirds would probably sound good for it, but I'm sure any other harmony would fit well too.

I'm not saying to do this or anything, but just my thoughts and ideas on it in case you ever decide to make an extended version because it's so short right now.
Like this guy turned it more into a full song:
It was the one I mentioned at the top of my first post.
(though I like the overall sound of yours more.)
but it could give some ideas.

but yeah, overall sounds good.
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Posted a comment on the vid like you did with mines ;-)

one day i will post 'back to zanarkand ' and would love to have feedback from you !

untill then

Well done,that was awesome.
And Necro,that is my favorite music piece from all FF games,gj to both.

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Hey dude do you have tabs for this??

i made one but it got deleted from rapidshare. i dont have the exact tab for waht i play now but u can probably get it here on UG, and try to hear the variations. i have another video in my channel with much lower quality, of me playing it, you can check that
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