That's really cool if you recorded at the same studio that those 4 groups recorded at! For the most part, it sounds quite pro, as it should. The intro riff sounds a bit discordant at times to my ears, but if it sounds good to you, that's more important than what I think. Otherwise, all of the melodies sound quite good to me. The drums sound really good! What's the story on the drums? Bass & guitar sound very good! The audio quality is excellent, though I have one gripe: the vocals sound a bit too resonant to my ears listening on headphones, I'm guessing it's the reverb. Overall, a very good recording! You didn't say C4C, but perhaps you could check out my music at this link:

totally ripped off tool... like i thought i was listening to tool.

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Aardvark...did a crit of An Avalanche (fyi). Thanks for the comments. I agree the intro riff is harsh...we wanted it that way. Kinda like a quick grab of the balls...as our singer would put it...wanted it to be chaotic as the title implies. Not sure what info you're interested in knowing about the drums...but they were all mic'ed up everyone of 'em..couple overheads for the cymbals plus two room mics about 10 feet away...not sure what kind. Two mics on the snare...one above, one below. Three on the kick if I remember right. A little excessive but was what the engineer preferred. I think the snare drum is both a piccolo and just the usual snare layered over each other in the guitar solo in the second verse. Too much reverb on the vox? Yeah, our drummer made the same comment just the other day.

As for Tool, yeah in some spots I see it. Intro doesn't remind me of Tool at all until just before vox nor does the chorus or the beginning and end of the bridge. The only Toolesque part to me is the verses. But it's not like they own sporadic, off meter rhythms where the instruments line up in unison. It's done throughout music but Tool is the most common-place/well-known rock band to do it.