So I bought an ESP Eclipse II ACSB off the bay advertised as excellent condition and got the guitar last night. The A and D strings needed replacing so I restrung it today with some GHS boomers 10-46. Now cosmetically the guitar is in excellent condition but after restringing it, it has a LOT of fret buzz and the action is about medium not high nor low. The bow seemed about right but it didn't come with the truss wrench so i brought it to my local guitar shop which is just that, a guitar store only, specializing in high end stuff and restorations. The tech took a look at it and gave it just a little relief and agreed the bow is fine, and that it needs a complete fret leveling . I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to new gear, but I thought an ESP would have better QC then this. The guitar looks brand new, no dings, no buckle rash, no dents on the frets, etc. Is this normal of any used instrument? I've always setup the few guitars that I have owned, and wanted some opinions on what I should expect after a fret leveling and if anyone has had a similar experience and what was the outcome?? Thanks.

On a positive note, I love everything about the guitar otherwise. It's light, the quilt looks great, lots of sustain, and I love the neck thickness. Having an Ibanez Prestige RG I was wondering how i would like the neck on this thing, and freaking love it. The thinner fretboard with the thicker neck is really enjoyable to play.
Number 1: Its a USED guitar. So you can't really blame ESP for what the previous owner has done to it. You said it was used, then you said that you were a newbie at new gear? This is NOT new gear. REMEMBER that.

Number 2: There is no such thing as NORMAL of any used instrument Every guitarist/owner is different and would have treated instruments in a different way (?). Some will have buckle rash, some may have hardware rust, some may have dings. etc.
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