Infamous shape:


As a background I can literally do all other sweeps easily. I can do the two finger roll minor sweep with razor sharp accuracy now thanks to 14+ hour practice days. The problem now is I have no idea how the hell to practice this properly.
It's not a matter of playing it right, it's a matter of being able to even play it.

Actually I lied, I can play it downwards no problem, but when I'm coming back with up-pick sweeping, I get really stuck on where to properly place the middle finger for the B string 12th fret.

Where should the B string land when you're doing up picking? Let me get a diagram:

Well this will have to do, don't try searching 'middle finger' on google ^_^ I apologize for using red on skin color

Where should my middle finger come down on the 5th "B" string to do this technique properly?
My problem is that I can't seem to get good enough muting from the finger, or when I left off because it's so close to the middle finger joint it doesn't come off as well as a 2-string sweep does.
When I play these, I feel like it's more luck than skill when it comes out clean. I'm playing it at like 10 bpm and still feels like I'm searching for a sweet spot that just DOESNT exist.
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honestly i never thought about it...
you gave me something to analise bout my technique in the morning
If you come up with something, please share I'd greatly appreciate it
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When you play the riff ascending, play it really slow and look at exactly where your finger is touching the strings. Then on descending, try and do the exact same thing only in reverse.
I'm coming down pretty much just before the "joint line", so all 3 notes are still just about on the last section of the middle finger. By the way, as much as possible you want to avoid bending the finger back on itself, you should be able to do the roll without it.

It's worth pointing out that the same sweet spot may not exist for you depending on your hand position and hand size.