Hey guys, about a few months back me and a friend of mine decided to form a band because of several different reasons. My personal reason was that I'd been playing guitar for about 4 years, and I never could find any musicians that I could click with to the extent which allows me to write music with them, possibly because I did not go out of my way to make friends with other musicians and that in itself was pretty regrettable, because working with other musicians in itself is a very very fruitful experience.

Keio hails from the Lion City, Singapore and consists of band members with completely different musical influences. Our influences stem from the polar opposites of the music spectrum. I'm Brandon, the guitarist for Keio. Personally, metal, rock, instrumental play the role as my primary influences. However the influences of other members, myself included to a certain degree, stem from post rock, alternative, indie, church and even pop.

Here are several links where you can check out Keio:

If you're free, do check out our music, and if possible, give some constructive criticism! And if you like our music, please show us some lovin' and support Keio, and in the future, we will definitely release more music.

Until the next time, take care, stay safe, and don't forget you can breathe in any fashion you want to.