I'm interviewing for a math tutoring program, and I need to prepare a 5 minute lesson (something not related to math). I'm thinking about teaching the 12 bar blues.

I'm thinking about spending a minute talking about the guitar and playing the 12 bar blues. Then spend the remainder of the four minutes teaching the interviewer to play.

Do you think 5 minutes enough to teach the 12 bar blues?
I think it's possible to teach the rudimentary basics of the 12-bar blues in 5 minutes, however I wouldn't expect the interviewer to play like they've been doing it for years. I'd expect for him/her to get lost of the fretboard and have problems changing from one chord to the next. I teach guitar, so that's my .02.
if you do it first posts suggestion seems like the easiers way

and good luck
Yeah, that suggestion makes it much easier. You can also do the same thing on the D and G strings. You'll still have to fret two strings when you play the V. And down at that end of the neck, the stretch may be more than some interviewer can take.
Unless the interviewer actually has some experience in music, I wouldn't do it. Even though 12 bar blues is pretty basic you still need a decent understanding of theory to even under stand what the "12 bar" in 12 bar blues means. If you want to do music teach the interview how to hold a guitar and play an e chord or soemthing.
+1 they'll be looking for a process you can teach in it's entirety, you'll most likely fail the task if you choose to "teach" something that requires a minor piece of preparatory study...namely "learn to play the guitar".

It's impossible to teach something if the student is completely unfamiliar with the frame of reference you're working in.
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