Hi guys, its been some months since i bought a new bass, and I noticed that the neck is starting to resist me a little.

How can I restore that new bass super slippery nice feel?

And I would guess it would involve polishing the neck with some sort of material, so I put that in the title.
A couple of simple rules that apply to guitar or bass.

If you play, clean it at the end of the day. This will keep the finish free from fingerprints, which will attract dirt and create a build-up of smudge.

GHS, Fender and others sell cleaning kits. You can also buy individual cleaning supplies for guitars and basses. Get a spray bottle of guitar cleaning solution. Use this in conjunction with a micro-fiber cloth. Micro-fiber cloths will not leave fine scratches in your finish, like a t-shirt or towel will. Use a carnauba guitar polish to wax the guitar during string changes, or every month or two.

If the neck/body has a nitro finish, this is even more important.
Duncan guitar polish is good, as is Lizard Spit.

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