I been learning guitar by myself for about 5 months now.
I have a bass and drummer to play together with.

My Current setup is :
-Ibanez S570b
-peavey vypyr 30

I like to make cover of songs.
and i often find myself now satisfied with the sound.
so i am planning to get a multi effector.

my budget would be around $300.
I am willing to get an used if it is worth it and is a lot cheaper than a new one.
I live in Maryland, in between Baltimore and DC

I'd say i play mostly rock and metal.

Please give me advises.
if u need any more information just leave me a comment.

thank you all.

*By the way. It would be very nice if you guys can go check out my covers.
i know they aren't that good. but i tried my best.
and please give me advises.

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Your post is written like song lyrics, you should put a melody to it. You could get a Digitech RP1000 2nd hand for about 3 hunj. It might be a overkill for you though if you have only played for 5 months.
Do you have the sanpera pedal for your VYPYR? I believe it gives you a level of control over it which will make a multi-effects pedal redundant.

The vypyr has a ton of effects, mods, models ad stompboxes in it (Way more than my Boss ME-20 XD), and personally if you already have the Sanpera pedal, I wouldn't bother with another multi-effects unit. I guess they're good for covering a wide range of sounds, but once you find your sound it will be more rewarding getting fewer, high quality pedals that will last you your whole career.
Sit down and figure out what effects you actually need. In my opinion multi-fx are more or less only good for adding some flange/delay/chorus to the sound you've got rather than giving you ovderdrive or distortion. So if you want mainly different OD/distortion sounds I would say invest in a couple of stompboxes. But if you have your heart set on a multi, I'd get a boss, like a gt-10 or something. If it's good enough for nuno.....
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Like stoltobot, I would recommend the RP1000 (or anything from the RP line). The 500 and 355 are also great units.
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Quote by Syriel
Get a Sanpera pedal like what baumaxx1 said. The vypyr is already a modeling amp w/ built in effects. Getting a multi effects along with your Amp would be kinda redundant.

Mostly this + it probably won't sound that good, except when you're on the cleanest setting ever, which will force you to look for 'your' tone once again.

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The actual correct answer
Yeah the Vypyr has a ton of effects in it, and the pedals are half the price of multi effects units. Unless you get an amazing deal on a multi-effects with more functionality, the Vypyr has more than anything you need... especially this early on in your playing.

I got my gear before modelling took off, but modelling and simulation has exploded; I wish I had this much kit when I started a couple of summers ago, but you'll find you want to focus on your playing more than your effects so you don't really need a thousand dollar pedal with everything under the sun.

Even with my ME 20... 99% of the time I'm using metal-voiced distortion, compression for clean and EQ. Any adjustments I make are with the guitar's tone and volume controls. Too much to focus on otherwise XD