This post is just an observation and is soley an opinion! I think trolls are a nuisance in my opinion. They purposefully cause annoyance to other users, but their approach can, and does, vary. Some trolls are obvious, some are not. Some trolls are people who aren't mature enough to have sensible conversations or who frequently set out to antagonise other people who post in the same forum. Some are witty and cunning in their methods by playing a newbie and provoking within forum limits. They usually respond to posts in a thread with comments such as "You're an idiot. You're a moron." while completey avoiding the thread topic. These pests are hoping for a rise from someone so, that he or she can draw a user into a prolonged argument about who is the bigger idiot. What are commonly known as "Confrontationalists".

The troll usually manages to draw people into an off-topic discussion that usually results in an innocent poster losing his or her ISP access after an exchange of words has escalated to the point of retarded flamming and nonsense. This is all part of the entertainment for the Troll. Quoting your side of the argument to him or her will not help. Even quoting facts will not help. Across the great Internet divide, facts may as well be nonsense figures. He or she is safe in his or her room, and so, when your temper is flared due to this person's rude comments your agression means nothing to him or her. Again, quoting facts will do nothing, except possibly force an argument that he or she will relish in, and, whether or not you win intellectually, he or she will draw out until you can't stand it any longer through mis-quotes (of your posts), lies, and perjorative comments.

Point in case is that facts and arguments are a waste of time on the internet.

It startles me at just how many trolls lurk on this site's forums simply waiting to bait any newbie into a senseless debate over a mere opinion or a general discussion over likes or dislikes. Just because someone didn't use proper grammar does not give anyone the right to attack someone's character. Typographical errors do occasionally happen, and if it's clear that someone lacks comprehensive spelling skills, it does not mean they do not know information the same as anyone else posting. It just shows they don't know how to spell. Also, Just because someone's opinion of anything that shows a conflict of interset to our opinions does not give anyone the right to talk down to that person. A few people should learn "Netiquette" and learn to respect other people's opinions and views as we all don't perceive things the same way despite that our five bodily senses work nearly exact of one another.

This is not a troll post! Any post off topic and directed towards me or anyone else is regarded as trolling and or flamming and will be reported to an Admin immediately!
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I figured it may have been so seeing the off topic thread. I wanted this to be read. Any suggestions on where to move it to where it can be seen?
The pit. Don't expect it to go over well in there though.
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I don't really have any expectations for my opinion. I just wanted people to just chill out with all the hating on each other and take a step back to see we are all just people who see, hear, feel things differently. Thanks for the tip! Next time