Will possibly sell to fund a new amp however more interested in trades. I have had the amp for 6 months to a year not 100% sure now but it wasn't ages ago. I swaped it for a JCM 900 with a fellow UG user. The amp in great shape and works perfectly its loaded with groove tubes and sounds the biz. No real reason to trade other than im interested in trying something new. Im looking for similar sized amps as i gig regularly and dont really want to go back to a stack unless its one of the more modern style orange or blackstar type of small arrangement.

Let me know of any offer

I've got a Blackstar HT-20 with a V30 1x12 cab. It's not as small as a 5w mini stack that you're describing, but it's probably more a 3/4 stack maybe?

It's about 10 months old, in superb condition. Only done a couple of gigs. Has a geat clean channel and an even better gain channel - pretty high gain available, but can be scaled down to the crunchy stuff.
The reason I'm interested in trading is that I'm rarely using the drive channel and I'm really craving those Fender cleans.... I can go into more details on why I'm up for a trade if needs be, but rest assured the amp and cab are in fantastic condition, and sound great.

Couple of pictures here:

The second one is try and put it into scale for you. To the left is a Peavey TNT bass amp, and to the right is a Peavey Valvel King with a Marshall DSL401 sat ontop.

Interested in a trade / part-ex of any kind?
that sounds quite tempting mate do you have any more info on the cab? Are you the guy who had the vox wah and the small clone think i was looking at those not so long ago and was quite tempted.
Yeah that's me mate, I've done quite a few deals on here so I can shre some details of previous deals if you like.

The cab is this Harley Benton 1x12 open back but with a 16Ohm Celestion V30 speaker. I didn't do the upgrade myself, I bought it off ebay for about the same as the cost of the speaker alone.

Yes, it's a cheap cab, but's well put together and has a trusted and solid speaker. Best of all, it's the exact same width as the head, so it's a great match!

Is plenty loud enough for our practice room, I have the clean channel on about 1-2 o'clock and the master volume has never been past half way. Similarly I have the gain channel volume on about 1 o'clock, and the gain at about 2 o'clock and it roars! The V30 is definitely a great match for natural amp overdrive.

It'd be fine at a small gig venue (I've never actually gigged the cab), and anything larger would probably get mic'd up anyways.

Anyways, let me know if you want to sort something out. You're not a million miles away (I'm in Wolverhampton), so we could meet up halfway somewhere. I'm in Stockport occasionally too so that could work.

Any questions give me a shout,
I will be totally honest im not over fussed on the cab but would say that i am interested in the head. Just out of interest what do you propose as a trade? Or rather what do you value the head and cab at trade wise? I would do some digging online myself but im doing this from my phone as my home computer is in use shall we say?

Cheers bud
Well, funnily enough, I was in the throes of a similar deal over on MusicRadar for a Blues Deluxe, but that deal has gone quiet, so I've just recently researching 2nd hand values.

The head itself, is £390 brand new but there is not much action in the 2nd hand market for them. The only one I've seen on ebay recently went for £280 including postage. And there's one for sale on the MusicRadar forums for £275. If I was looking to sell I would hopefully be looking to get the same amount for it.
The cab I bought for £50 about and the speaker alone is worth that much. I guess for the 2 together I'd be looking for around the £320 mark....?

How does that float your boat?
Yes seems a fair price mate not sure i would let the deville go for 320 however so are you able to boost the deal by way of other trade items/cash then shoot me some offers and im interested certainly. Also just for info i could meet half way no probs.
Well, I don't have much spare gear really. I had a clearout recently, hance the Vox wah and phaser you'd previously spotted.
All I've really got to chuck into the mix is the speaker lead that's connecting the cab to the head and a Ross Compressor Clone - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1369441
I also have a DIY Fuzz Face clone pedal that I built but aren't really using.
I'd value those three things at about £60. So where does that leave us? How much were you looking to get for the DeVille?
well for the deville i would be wanting to see £450 so i would take the head and cab from you plus £100 if you wanted the deville.
That seems like a good deal. Leave it with me for a few days. I'll try and tie up the loose ends on the other deal on MusicRadar as to not piss anyone off. I'll also try and get down the local guitar shop to see if they have one I can try out.
Am I safe to assume it's in top working order? I don't suppose you've got any pics have you?
yes its stellar use it for gigging myself includes dust cover to keep it tidy there is a ding in the side of it but other than that its bob on and sounds sweet think it has groove tubes in it. its loud as hell too!
Yeah, just been watching some demos. Sounds ace. Love that clean tone.
Have you got the footswitch btw? Is the reverb switchable?
dont have to footswitch unfortunately as it was damaged when dan sent it to me by the courier however its an easy one to replace i personally never have as i have only ever used the clean chan with pedals in front. And to answer your second question yes the reverb is switchable
Are you sure about the reverb? All the info I can find about the footswitch say it's for switching between "clean/drive/more drive".

Hopefully I stand corrected as I'm after this for the clean channel really, but footswitchable reverb would be ace.
well as i say im never got to use the footswitch perhaps dan enlighten us on that one?
Cool, I'll await his reply but the more I read, the more I think it's just a channel switcher.

Can I just ask when it was last re-tubed/serviced?

Cheers mate.

BTW I've just heard back from the MusicRadar guy so I'm really caught between the two offers at the moment. I'll do my best to be up-front, open and honest with both parties as I don't want to leave either of you high and dry.
Erm, it was so long ago I can't remember. 99% sure it's just to switch channels and OD modes. 2 buttons, channel switch and gain switch. Not 100% though!
If it's the same one i used to have it's got a dual foorswitch, ones for clean/OD and the others a reverb toggle
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cool well dont worry about leaving me high and dry as Dan will confirm the Deville is an amazing amp and if i could afford to have 2 i wouldnt part with it due to the fact it has the best clean channel of any amp i have ever owened so not fussed if it dosen''t go
Hi Mate,
The guy from Music Radar got back to me over the weekend with an offer that we're both happy with, so unfortunately I'm going to have to walk away from this deal.
I hope you sell/trade soon.