Just finished writing/recording a song with a super awesome drummer friend of mine.
Songs on my profile titled 'Shut Off Your Mind.'

Will C4C!
This was really cool to listen to but I felt a bit repetitive for the most part. The main guitar riff that repeats basically the entire song was fun for the first minute or so but then I was wondering if you were going to go anywhere with it. It was really a shame because you could have really explored that some more. The transitions between parts of the song were REALLY solid though, there wasn't a part where I would be thinking it were weak or unconvincing and that's something lots of people have trouble with so props for that.

2:59 <That part which comes up 3 (4?) times in the song could have been a little more musically active because the rest of the song is pretty straightforward, it could have added a nice bit of contrast in the song.

Be careful not to pull your notes out of tune when you're pulling off in the main riff either, it's barely noticeable but it's definitely there.

The solo was cool, really chill and did provide the contrast I was talking about earlier but I felt it was perhaps a little late for the contrast because before that point, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to develop any ideas at all.

Fun to listen to and good mixing, keep it up!
hey man,
this song definitely starts awesome, i really enjoyed it until the part where it turns a slower bit, ska kinda thing, which wasn't bad, but needs to be done better.
i think the sound is cool, the guitar and bass are awesome, and the vocals sounds very good, but with a bit more attitude, or confidence it could be better.
i think this song is very good but has alot more potential to it - i would add more layers of sound to it, to make it sound fuller, and i think this will make the song great.

very good job on this!

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