Wow that was something! I liked the chillness of it all, although since it was sequenced i felt like it lost a bit of emotion and real listenable texture. The buildup towards the end was pretty sweet, though i must say that midi instruments are a little cheesy, by that I mean a lot. BUT, had those been real instruments it would have been really freaking superb! It was cool.


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Aw, man. I really wish the instruments weren't midi. It would sound so awesome with real instruments. It starts quite nicely. Flows well throughout the track. Really like the part where the percussion just slips into the track. Awesome work! Following too.

Crit for crit?
Worth not studying man!! This sounds so cool, like advanced music box music, haha. Don't take that in a negative way at all, just seeing as how it sounds very midi.

I dig the key change around 1:14ish great tonal contrast. Epic climax to the song that will sound cool once/if you track guitar on it! Yeh, thats all i can say, i really want this song to be tracked dude! The melodies towards the end would song so good on guitar!

Thanks for the crit, gj dude!
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I think the intro is great, even the synth-clav (i guess it's supposed to be something else but it's midi sounds so i cant figure out what) though it's a little to bassy, it's got a great flow. The songs arrangement and writing is great although I also would've wanted real instruments with humans playing them! Good job anyway, and Rock on!

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