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A couple of years ago when I was still quite new to guitar I got a Spider 3 75 watt and thought it was the greatest thing ever. However after a couple of years of playing it and trying to get a decent sound out of it and trying to get the bloody Wah pedal to work, Im looking to upgrade.

I would say Im about intermediate in skill, playing mainly metal/rock but with more recently Ive been playing a lot of more bluesy stuff and Im thinking of maybe saving up a bit more and trying to get a decent tube amp.

Anyone know of any decent amps in a 300-500+ price range?
I first read upgrading a line 6 spider
Well, go for used tube amps or save a bit more and have more options. That's what I'd do.
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What currency?
300-500 crowns?(I understand that's a very low amount)
300-500 dollars?
300-500 simoleans?

If you're upgrading from a Spider III, really any amp is better(The walmart shit doesn't count as an amp.).

I reccomend buying used. Look for used tube amps, or even solid state. There are quite a few good sounding solid-state amps, but they lack the tube breakup and the warmness from the tubes. They also lack the pain in the ass biasing and the need for spending 200 dollars every couple of years...
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One of the main benifits of buying used it the re-selling value. If you decide you don't like the amp, you can just sell it and maybe earn a profit. Used is better than buying from a store. As soon as your amp leaves the store, it's lost 25% value essentially.
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Check out the Blackstar HT range. Getting anything without tubes is a waste of money.
Sorry, British Pounds :P

One of my freinds has a blackstar...may nick it for a bit to give it a try :P

Cheers for the help
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Sorry, British Pounds :P

One of my freinds has a blackstar...may nick it for a bit to give it a try :P

Cheers for the help

The Blackstar HT series of amps should be worth a look.

Also look out for a used Laney VC50. It's basically a VH100R, but with only 50w of power and in combo-form. They can be found under 400 quid in the UK. I've seen a couple on ebay.co.uk recently.

EDIT: Forget it, just saw Thomann has the YCV50 back in stock for cheap. This is as good an amp as you'll find (new) on that budget:
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