So I'm making a guitar and I'm at the point of wiring and stuff and just on a curiousity I put on the tuning pegs and screwed in the tune o matic bridge and tailplate and put all 6 strings on, and saw that the strings were like 1 and a half or 2 cm's off the fretboard... I'm just wondering how can I fix it... Is it just an illusion or something because at that time I didn't have the pickups in the actual slots ... But I can't add a shimmy under the neck slot because 1. It's bolted and 2. It's glued with wood glue... I'm pretty sure I could use a crowbar on it and it's not coming off... I tried adjusting the trust rod but it didn't really do anything... Please help!

I have added all my love, sweat and tears into this thing, and I would be crushed if I cant solo on it and it just being a wall hanger...

Can the tune-o-matic go any lower? plus it may be the truss rod, how much curve is there on the fretboard?
if you cant put a shim in the neck, id say you'd have to recess the bridge.

edit: and as for truss rod, i couldnt see it changing a string height of 1.5-2cm? thats a big gap.
Why did you glue and bolt the neck?

But yes the easiest thing to do is recess the bridge.

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What do you think is my best bet on fixing this problem... I've come to far to just use it as a wall hanger...
What do you mean 'I used epoxy for 3 out of the four bridge pieces', if its a TOM bridge, doesn't it just have the 2 studs? Is that what you were referring to?

Edit: Add pictures

Yes... Okay I use epoxy in the 2 holes for the studs for the tailplate and only 1 for the tuneomatic bridge because the other one I don't have the wire for the grounding yet so I didn't even touch it.. Again I'll add pictures

Here are the holes before the epoxy:

Here is the thing I was talking about, I only put the three studs in and then left the fourth out because I don't have the grounding wire... and in the picture I used Elmer's Super fast Epoxy cement (Btw the stripped wood on the top left stud is fixed now...)

Here is the angle of the neck:

I think what the problem is, is that when I routered it... It wasnt as far as I needed it and the rented routers time was up so I used my dremal... lol... and I guess i went a little lower in the neck slot closer to the neck pickup and then I when I clamped it with the wood glue the angel went up...

I bolted...

and Glued.

And here are the bridges im using.
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I believe a TOM bridge needs an angled neck, is yours angled? If not youve got to either recess the bridge or by a different bridge
If im seeing it right, it has a reverse angle. Am I correct that it is angled up in relation to the body? If it is, you're pretty much going to have to pull it out, (if you have to, fill), and reroute the neck pocket. Good thing is, it looks like you didn't do a great job gluing the neck, so you should be able to get a putty knife in there or something and separate it
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