Ok, so just the other day, I got to try out an Ibanez Artcore (think it was the ags83b); it was simply the most amazing guitar I've ever tried out! The playability was great, and the sound it could produce was just amazing, even though the intonation wasn't all that perfect. I could play just about any genre I'd like, even crank it up to some decent hard-rock - but the clean sound surpassed anything I have tried. Other hollow-bodies I've tested were all too acoustic and 'dry' kind of, but this one could make my ears drift off into the inebriation of every dreamy chord in the world!

I want a guitar like this

Anyone who's got any experience with guitars like this? What models would you recommend, and for what price? I guess my budget would be 1-1,5k, as long as it's a decent guitar. Are these guitars worth buying used?

Hit me, I'd like to hear some reviews
i love hollowbodies. most of my guitars are hollow in some way. if you liked the artcore why don't you grab an artcore.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I just got myself the AGR73T. It was only 550 euros new and it's the best sounding(atleast the cleans, but it's still quite alright distorted)/playing guitar I ever tried. And it looks awesome. I really recommend checking them out.

^yeah right, 'cuz they're all in his price range
TS, Artcores are great, go for it if you have the money =)

I find 1 to 1.5k to be a sucky budget... I had the same one a year and a half ago, and I ended up buying a Gibby SG. The hollow-bodied market is kind of scooped in the middle, there are a lot of hollows under 1k, a lot over 2k, but not so many in the 1500$ range...
I have a Gretsch G5122 that I love, for what it's worth.
There's always the Epiphone elitist casino, though =) that one is GREAT
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if yo have 1500 you can buy a geat guitar if you look.

a lot of people i know use artcore series ibanez for hollow bodies for thier great price/quality ratio. they really are nice, and can be had for lower price than most great hollowbodies.

yesturday iwas at a clinic and the owners of Benedetto guitars from atlanta GA was there. He passed around his 100% solid carved hollow bodies (99 % of hollow bodies are laiminate made. this one was 100% carved from solid wood like a nice voilin). it cost $20,000 retail per guitar and he makes guitars all the way up to $40,000.

guess what, unplugged it has easily the most wonderful acouatic tone ive ever heard...even compared to acoustic guitars. amazing if you have 20k.
Heh, apologies for my inaccurate original post; 'budget' was awful wording, I simply referred to it as the roughly maximum I would be prepared to dish out if I found the guitar for it ^^ Meaning, I have the funds, but not that I wouldn't buy a much cheaper one if I found one I liked! =)

That said, I'm seriously considering buying that very Artcore, looks like a load of good guitar for the price. Included shipping, it'd cost me 'round 600 USD (that is from the US to Norway), and I found it a great price. All but new guitar too, and I love the concept of being able to play near to everything with it (except from metal perhaps, but heck, there are great guitars for that as well!).

Thanks for the feedback, will continue looking at options for a little while =)
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The Artcores are good guitars, the price can't be beat. As you already noticed, the Gibson crowd look down on them.

that was just one guy, who posted pics of just as many gretsch hollowbodies, but i notice you don't say "the Gretsch crowd look down on them"

the artcores are pretty good for the price you pay for them, but aren't they a little cheaper than the most you'd be willing to spend? as darkflame said there's a bit of a price-range gap with hollowbodies and $1500 sort of falls right in the middle of it. are you willing to go used? you might be able to get something of a higher 'pedigree' than you'll be able to get brand new within your budget.
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Ya man, the artcores are really good guitars for the money, I'd take mine (the cheapest one available ) over my brothers $800 epi. However if you've got the money I always hear good things about those gretsch G5122's. Hollow bodies ftw
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A Gibson ES-135 is a better guitar for the money. I'd rather have a cheap Gibson or the best Epiphone than an Artcore. Epiphone Broadway is a great guitar unplugged.
Determine your needs. My $300.00 Carlo Robelli archtop Joe Pass type guitar restoration sounds better unplugged than the ES-135. And my ES-135 will smoke any Les Paul's vibe, just sayn'.
Jazz, blues, or country, that vintage vibe's the thang.
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save your money and hold out. most of what I purchased was well under $1500 - most of them were under $1000.

Look for good deals on the used stuff.