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Coz i can say what i wanna say
be what i wanna be
talk to whoever i want to
coz i dont give a shit what you say or think
i'll let the rumour spread through the veins
like a cancer
infecting the minds of the weak and the foolish
trying to cover up all your shame and secrets
by making other peoples lives a misery
just so people dont find out your inner beast
why cant you just ignore the ****ers?
instead of dreaming you're fearing for your life
i dont know why ya do it
ya gotta listen to me
take all your pride 'n' joy with ya
and lets beat this mother****er down
it's time to take action
to stand up against these demons and beasts
so you can live without fear or misery
and let hell pour down on them
Do you have music to this? This would be pretty badass to a Rage Against the Machine style tune.