Not sure how to do a review of this but I'll do one anyway. I made it from a shelf from Ikea (£6), two planks of wood that is for the same shelf (£1) and random tools/tacks from around my house. Velcro was some I also had lying around probably cost around £10 because I had a lot although I only used a tiny bit.

Basically it does what it's supposed to do, the velcro works very well, if I hold it upside down there's no give from my heaviest pedal which is the whammy. I have space for others as I'm hoping to extend my pedal collection, perhaps a new overdrive as the boost switch that came with my amp is meh. The board without the wood underneath the heavier pedals (you can't see it in the picture but I sawed the planks that came with it and put them underneath for more support) bowed quite easily so I added them in to make it more sturdy.

All in all it has saved me a lot of money on buying an expensive pedaltrain/gig master or whatever another expensive brand is and is very light, but not easy to get through doors I might add haha.

FX chain is Korg Pitchblack>Digitech Whammy> Vox wah> EHX Small clone.

My name is Jack.
Lookin' pretty slick.

I've been so tempted to make an Ikea Gorm pedalboard, but my problem is I'd need to find a case/bag to put it in for gigging and stuff.