I'm learning Can't Stop by RHCPs atm, but I can't nail Frusciante's technique of having most of the strings aside from the ones hes playing muted, and then strumming away to get that rhythmic feel.

I don't really know where to start. Like I have no problem doing the strumming, just the muting.

Sorry for the vagueness, like I'm not sure about placing my fingers to get the notes I want to play, but still mute the rest of the strings. I can kind of do it, but only with certain notes.

Any tips?

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FF to around 5:00 in the first video if you want to see the fingerings. If you want to strum all the strings throughout, when playing the open D string you'll have to mute the low E and A strings by wrapping your thumb over (or at least thats how I've seen it done).

IMO, its a lot harder than it looks to coordinate the movements of your fingers, since you have to lift them / move them, but not press too hard anywhere or they'll ring out. Go slow, its going to take a while most likely. I've found it to be a good song to practice, from a technique standpoint (though I'm pretty sure my wife is sick of the riff by now).
Ahh thanks That's what I was using before hand. I think, as you say, it's just time and practise. I think I'll nail it by alternate picking as that's what I'm doing now, then bring in the muting when I'm more comfortable with the fingering.

Luckily learning some other songs has limbered up my thumb, heh. So hopefully, in time it'll be good. Until I get sick of the riff
He uses his thumb to fret and mute the top strings doesn't he?

I struggle with that technique and having the reach and personally change my fingering so I don't need to use it ... but yeah, it looks like using all five fingers is the key here.