Okay, I got a graphite nut to replace the one in my tele. I've spent a while trying to make it fit, and I have come to the conclusion that there is a slight indent on one side which causes there to be a physical gap between the bass end of the nut and the neck. I have strung it all up this way and there is no open-string buzz. Is there any reason for me not to leave it as is? Should I make a small shim for the gap?

If I set my intonation up correctly at the bridge, is there anything that could go wrong?

Furthermore, as I am replacing a broken nut, i have no way of telling what my nut height should be? Any ideas how I can do this?

I have band practice tomorrow and I'd really appreciate some help, this is driving me nuts and I just want to play my guitar!
If it were me I would, and did, shim the high spot. On a parts strat I had the same issue and when bending the low E I could see it pressing the nut down. I don't know if it was causing any problems but I do know that it wasn't right. It seems most people would agree that stability is the key to good intonation and ability to stay in tune. So at first I shimmed, then later discovered that my issue was more about the mating surface on the neck not being level (cheap neck) and easily fixed with a small file. Now it is fine and the nut sits flush onto the neck and is of course easier to tune and holds tune better. Im just learnig so hope this helped at least a little
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thanks for the reply, it seems I have the same issue you did. I don't have a file small enough to fit into the inset, so I think I will have to sand it carefully. I did notice that on the bass side (the part I am now shimming), the intonation is completely ****ed, whilst the intonation on the higher strings is fine. Goddamn this is so stressful for what should have been a simple easy repair.
One question, is there any way instead of sanding a whole other layer off of the inset, I could just bolster the small part in a more permanent way?