I realized the other day that I learned to do fast galloping and picking in a pretty unorthodox way. I was trying to learn Angel Of Death by Slayer and instead of doing the traditional way of slowly practicing alternate picking, I instead tried to downpick as fast as I could, but as every time I reset my hand to do another downstroke, my pick would hit the string going up. Therefore, by trying to do downstrokes as fast as I can, I actually end up alternate picking. From doing this alot, I eventually learned to control it, and then I could alternate pick with ease. (I don't however use this method when I do solos and leads, as I don't really think of it when I play a solo, the alternate picking just comes natural.)

Most of you probably think this a pretty stupid way to do it, but I guarantee you that it's easier than trying to slowly alternate pick/gallop and work your way up to speed. I can play triplets with ease, and I can even do alot of tight staccato rhythms easily(stuff like Fear Factory, and some other Death Metal). Did anyone else learn it this way? The other way? Some other way? Please share, I'm curious to know what other exercises have helped achieve galloping.
sure it's easier to learn, but it's gonna cost you in the long run
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sure it's easier to learn, but it's gonna cost you in the long run

How so? Is my way sloppier than learning the slow way?
That's kind of how I learned - by simply trying to play that style full speed until I got it. Then one day, I got it. Haha I actually learned by trying to play "Raining Blood" by Slayer. The key is to keep your movements very small. I don't think it matters how you arrived at the sound, so long as you're getting the sound you want. The really tight triplets you hear in a lot of Slayer songs are kind of a "feel" thing. By that, I mean they won't sound at all correct if you approach it from a slow alternate picking standpoint, even if you are using the correct methods. You kind of have to play at full speed to get that "feel" down.

I kind of have to laugh at the people who always try to come in and say you did something wrong even when you're playing it "correctly." If it sounds the way you want it to, then you're doing it right. I can gallop faster than hell and I learned it all without any advice from anyone...
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The best way to learn things is by trying to do the thing you want to do.

"Learning" by screwing up something else you were trying to do isn't a particularly practical way to approach things.You may think it's easier, but it's not - you only think that because you didn't try to do it properly in the first place.
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That's exactly what I love about guitar/music in general. In the end, it about what you want to do, from techniques, to songwriting, everything. Usually when I learn techniques, I learn the right way without knowing, aside from the picking that we're talking of in this thread.
I learned how to do it by noodling around. I discovered that by palm muting I was able to control my hand a lot more (now I can do it without having to PM). I used to gallop a lot back when that's all I knew how to do that sounded good, but I don't as much anymore. Now I just do annoying pentatonic/minor scale lead stuff :P, rarely play rhythm when noodling anymore.
I got really good results from practicing a lot of downpicking as my standard (as it's a lot comfortable when playing palm muted rhythms), but instead of using that as a basis to learn alt. picking I started to work on my tremolo picking techniques. If you get the timing down and can control your stops/string swaps, gallops and alt picking runs become very tackleable. Sitting with a metronome working on slowing alt picking random songs and exercises just wasn't as effective with me, but my technique's fine despite that. Just do what comes natural and the most efficient ways will come in time as long as you're careful about certain bad habits.
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To be honst i learnt to gallop tremelo whatever pick before alternate picking. I was playing the verse riff to The trooper by maiden and just pikced it up straight away. No idea how i did it. i think that alternate picking and tremelo are different anyway. Alternate picking is about control. Whereas gallop tremelo is about rhythm. Just my opinion though.
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