Just thought I would share these guys


They are a fairly new band with the lead guitarist of killswitch engage Adam Dutkiewicz and their old singer Jesse leach

If you like killswitch engage or melodic metalcore in general, you should check these guys out.

IMO, the music on their album has more emotion and soul than any album ive listened to and they need to be heard

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yea ive had that cd since it came out its good as hell
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I have had there album since it came out too, and I'm in love with every song. Some albums have songs that are just there to take up space and fill up the album, but imo this album doesn't. I seen them live and got front row right up against the stage, it was pretty awesome. A couple times Adam D would get right up in my face, looking at me and screaming during the songs lol. Not to sound like a Adam D fanboy or anything, but this album really shows off his musical ability. He recorded every instrument on here, and even did a lot of the lyrics as well. As long as they keep producing stuff like this, they will have a pretty solid future.
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No matter how many threads people make on them, this band will still be utter shit and always will be.

Also, thanks Kyle haha.
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Too lazy to post the Neurosis album, but my I feel my presence reminding everyone of the shittiness of this band in comparison is all that matters.